What good is spending a fortune on advertising if it is not to attract customers or improve the image of your company? Discover an advertising totally oriented to your potential clients, because what is really important is not the quantity but the quality …

SEM Services Google Adwords Advertising

After years collaborating with the main agencies and online media I could recommend that you do your campaign in many portals, but I sincerely believe that sponsored links are the most effective advertising that exists and I only want the best for my clients.


  • Google is the No. 1 Search Engine in the world.
  • You only appear in the searches of your potential clients (ads are activated by certain keywords, closely linked to your product / service, that I personally supervise).
  • You choose the amount you want to invest daily.
  • Your ads are only shown in the zones, days, time slots and even devices that interest you most.
  • Ads in harmony with the identity of your company, original and in line with your website, to ensure that the user experience is truly satisfactory.
  • Being customized campaigns, I create ads based on searches, so that users feel they have found just what they were looking for, and go directly to the services and products (offered by your company) that are most interesting for them.

Effective Advertising campaigns with Google Adwords


Adwords works through a bidding system. Depending on the keyword that interests us, the temporality, etc. the cost varies.

The higher quality of campaigns, Google rewards companies with lower costs per click and better positions. Moral: Sometimes the cheap is expensive! It may be cheaper to hire a specialist to manage the campaigns yourself (without counting the time you have to invest, and the inconvenience that may cause).

MY OBJECTIVE: to get the most out of your investment. What good are 5,000 visits if they do not hire / buy? Getting visitors is really easy!